Premium Shipping, how does it work?


Pelipost now offers Premium Shipping (select facilities only)! Put your mind at ease, for an additional $2.00 you can add the Premium Shipping option to your loved one's order.


What are the perks of adding Premium Shipping? 

You will receive an individual tracking number for your order, that can be tracked via USPS. The order will also arrive at the facility quicker (*3-4 days from the date marked shipped). 

* Please note estimated arrival is from the dated order is shipped. ALL orders are still subject to facility screening and processing. Times vary depending on the facility mailroom. *


Does my order process quicker?

The processing times for your order will remain the same. Orders should typically print with in 24-48hrs from the date placed. Orders placed on Friday - Sunday will print the following business day.


If Premium Shipping is available for the facility you are sending to, you will see the option to add on to your order at the  Order Summary screen (Checkout screen). 



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