Delivery Assurance, do I really need it?


You may be asking yourself " What is Delivery Assurance? Do I really need it? ". Delivery Assurance gives you the peace of mind your order will arrive to your loved one's facility, and you don't need to worry about sweating the small stuff. 


Delivery Assurance makes sure that if your order is returned to us or does not arrive to the facility. Our Pelipost Return Specialist will research the issue, modify order as needed, and re-send the order all at no additional cost for you. Delivery Assurance can really save the day!


Please note: Delivery assurance DOES NOT cover orders returned due to facility guideline violations, or if the order is returned to your home address (personal return address) directly by the facility. Always make sure you are familiar with the facility rules for incoming mail prior to placing an order. 


*Guideline Violations: Nudity, Partial nudity, Stacks of cash, Gang related hand gestures. (Those are a few examples of Guideline Violations). 


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