Pelipost 13.0 What you need to know




Here are a few key things you will need to keep in mind with the launch of Pelipost 13.0


  • Your username and password will stay the same.
  • You will need to re-enter your loved one’s name, inmate # and correctional facility after updating to Pelipost 13.0. The correctional facility mailing address will automatically be pre-filled for you.
    • ***We advise that you screenshot your loved one's inmate # and correctional facility to ensure you are able to re-enter it in Pelipost 13.0.
  • Your order history will be displayed in Pelipost 13.0, but the photos you previously sent will not be visible.
    •  ***We advise that you take a screenshot of your photo history in the current Pelipost App for your reference. For your privacy and security, Pelipost does NOT store your photos on our server for over 4 months.
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