What is the difference between PELIPALS and a PeliPOST account?


Pelipost Account:


Pelipost accounts are created by YOU to send photos to your incarcerated loved one. You would pay per order placed. Pricing would vary depending on the number of photos sent on each order placed. 

1-5 Photos for $3.99

6-10 Photos for $6.99

11-20 Photos for $8.99


PeliPALS Account:


PeliPAL accounts allow incarcerated individuals to create a private prepaid account for photo orders so family, friends, and pen pals can easily send photos at no cost to them. Once the account is created, a PeliPALS ID number will be assigned and can be distributed to those family, friends, and pen pals to use to upload their photos to the Pelipost mobile app. The photos will then be printed and shipped to the inmate's correctional facility. 

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