Can a family member create a PeliPALS account on behalf of their incarcerated loved one?



Yes! Family members can set-up Pelipost Prepaid Accounts (PeliPALS)  for their incarcerated loved one.


Please click the following link:


1) Click the link and fill out the form with your loved ones information. This form is used to create the PeliPALS prepaid account for your incarcerated loved one to be used on the Pelipost App.

2) We’ll credit the PeliPALS account with the initial deposit (minimum of $30), create and mail the personal PeliPALS ID Number to your incarcerated loved one.

3) Inmate can tell friends, family, and pen pals to download the Pelipost app, and to enter the PeliPALS ID Number and place an order.

4) Their account balance will be debited and the order will be processed.

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