Issues with Prepaid Gift Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc.)


Since we require and verify billing addresses for every credit card transaction, you're probably wondering how to pay with a prepaid gift card if there's no billing address.  

Your gift card is probably ACTIVATED, but not REGISTERED. In order to complete your transaction, you must REGISTER your card with the credit card company to assign your address to it. 


Putting an Address on a Gift Card

Step 1

Check the back of your gift card for a phone number to your gift card service provider and instructions on how to add an address to your new card. 

Step 2

Call the phone number for the card activation center and when prompted, select the option to speak to a representative. Tell them you need to REGISTER YOUR CARD WITH YOUR BILLING ADDRESS. 

Step 3

Give the representative your 16 digit gift card number, expiration date and card verification value code to register the card. Provide your full name, valid address and phone number to the representative when requested to put your address on the card. Wait for confirmation that the address has been added. 



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