Los Angeles County Jail Rules (LA Terminal Annex, Castaic, Twin Towers)


PLEASE review these guidelines and keep for your information before sending to the LA County Jail Facilities. MOST IMPORTANT: Only place an order once a week to avoid rejection AND be very careful with "sexy photos" being to "suggestive." They are extremely strict with this. Cleavage is a favorite reason for their rejection. And PLEASE make sure you size your photos to cover the whole 4x6 photo. They will reject if smaller than 4x6.

***Here is a list of most of the guidelines we have compiled that you must follow in order to comply with their rules and regulations:

  1. Five (5) photos allowed per inmate. NOT per order. Per Inmate! ie: You send 5. After 10 days, you can send another 5. Keep in mind they may have to turn in the first 5. No more than 5 photos per 10 day period.
  2. All photos must fill the 4x6 paper. Each photo must take up the entire 4x6 sheet. They will reject photos measuring 3x5 even if they are printed on a 4x6 sheet. So, make adjustments to EACH photo before uploading.
  3. No PHOTO COLLAGES! You cannot put more than one photo on a 4x6 sheet.
  4. No photos with Solo Males. ie: There cannot be ANY photos where there is a single male in the photo. It has to be a couple, a family, an object, a pet, anything but NOT a single male.
  5. NO social media photos. Nothing from Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  6. ABSOLUTELY NO SEXUALLY EXPLICIT OR "SUGGESTIVE" PHOTOS!!! No nudity, partial nudity, undergarments. NO CLEAVAGE!!
  7. NO GANG AFFILIATED Photos. Colors, Hand Gestures, Signs, NOTHING Gang-related. Tattoos.
  8. No undressed or partially dressed children. This goes for newborn babies and children in bathing suits. 
  9. No license plates, addresses, street signs. No identifying information.
  10. No Alcohol/Drugs/ Firearms.
  11. No Inmate photos.
  12. No generic hand gestures. ie: “hang loose,” “peace,” “#1.” Absolutely, NO hand gestures.
  13. No altered photos. Trying to hide hand gestures, or sexually explicit areas.
  14. No photos showing MONEY. Graduation Leis, Fanning yourself with money, NO MONEY!
  15. No writing on photos.

So, as you can see, the list is quite extensive. The bottom line is this…if you want to share family photos with your loved one in a  LA County Facility, (Terminal Annex, Twin Towers, Castaic) you must take the time to make sure all of these rules are followed.





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