My order was returned by the facility. What now?


Our Returned Mail Procedure

If your photos are returned from a facility, they will be mailed back directly to Pelipost.  Once they arrive to us, a member of our team will email you letting you know that the photos were returned, along with the reason they were returned. 

Some of the reasons that your photos are returned may include the following:

  • Your incarcerated loved one has been moved.
  • Your incarcerated loved one is no longer in custody. 
  • The photos you sent have violated a policy of the prison.
  • The address was entered incorrectly.

If your photos are returned by the facility for any of the above reasons, we will not be able to issue you a refund for your order.  

If you'd like your order modified and resent, our team will be happy to do so for a $1.99 reprocessing fee. This fee covers the cost of postage, envelopes, etc. 

***Please ensure that you are aware of the institution's specific policies regarding the photos being delivered to inmates.  If you have any questions about a facility's policies, please reach out to our Customer Support Team and we'll be happy to look it up for you :)***


Please contact us if you have any questions!

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  • On July 31st my pictures said that they arrived and was told by my husband that the pictures were sent back because he never received them. I tried to track them down with no success nor have I received an email stating that they were returned and my options and it is now September.

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  • So you acting like a company that don't want costumers or been 3 days and no reply from yall

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  • I have 2 returned orders how do I resend them off

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  • I have 2 returned photos not have 1 person emailed me! This the second time? What is going on?

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